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Travertine Marble Sink Square Natural Stone 2 Pieces

Travertine Marble Sink Square Natural Stone 2 Pieces

Each natural stone sink transmits originality because is a unique piece in the world.
The natural stone sinks are handcrafted pieces that make bathrooms adopt their own style, and above all, make them very cozy because the beauty of the stone gives warmth to the space.
These pieces allow us to create esthetic spaces with a durable and easy maintenance material.
Along history ,man has been in necessity of let his imagination fly, in order to give several uses to the stone.Our ancestors were fracturing stones to create their tools, using stone as a building material, among other uses.
Nowadays, we are blessed to be able to use the stone as a luxury for decorating our home and gives a sophisticated touch.

What you see is what you get (Product includes 2 sinks alone, the rest on pictures NOT included)

Overall dimensions: 15.75" x 15.75" X 5"H X 2

Interior polished provides a shiny appearance.

Comes sealed for maximum performance.

Drain hole size is 1.75"

Cleaning is easy, a few drops of natural stone cleaner and rinse water. Wipe dry.

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